Womens Leather Jackets - Sizing

6th Aug 2022

We are noticing more and more that women's fashion shirts typically:

-shaped shapes in stretchy woven fabrics that typically contain elastane, which helps the garment to simultaneously feel comfortable and look fitted. -tunic style (i.e. box cut fit styles that offer a loose fit).

Because a size can support body widths ranging between 6 inches and 8 inches, tunic-style tops have an extremely flexible fit. Fashion jackets are meant to be formed and tailored, while tunic-styled tops are frequently box cut and intended to be loose-fitting. For instance, a common ensemble for going out would include stretch jeans or jeggings, a loose-fitting tunic that reaches the top of the thigh, and a jacket with a fitted cut.

At the bottom of each garment page, there is a detailed size chart that is particular to that item to assist our clients in choosing the appropriate size for a fashion jacket. The 'To Fit Bust' refers to the person's complete bust measurement at its broadest point when the person is fully dressed and wearing a bra, it is very crucial to remember. We must emphasise that a woman's breast measurement is entirely different when taken in pyjamas or without a bra than when she is fully dressed.

Additionally, elastane, a clever material that cleverly adjusts and expands on contact, is present in textiles used to make women's dresses and pants. Elastane has been introduced into clothing more and more over the past few years to the point that people now take it for granted and disregard the need for differing size allowances for conventional materials and textiles that don't contain it.

A tunic-style top with a box cut, loose fit, or an elasticated dress both very easily tolerate different body widths and shapes within each size. However, leather does not contain elastane and is neither woven stretchy fabric nor does it have the same torso expanse tolerance.

This means that it must be thought about whether a greater size is necessary because of the person's shape. Pictures of the item on the model and observing how it fits are helpful indicators; a garment that appears fitted on the model is likely to have a fitted cut. The cut of a garment that appears less fitted is probably semi-fitted, and one that appears to be more relaxed on the model certainly has more room within.

It is critical to emphasise the facts above because it is simple to misunderstand why a larger size may frequently be needed in a fashion or designer type leather jacket. It is clear that the person has not changed size; it is simply understood that a size or two up may be needed depending on the physical measurements and size of the person when dressed in typical day wear when the cut and fit of the leather jacket is tailored and appears fitted on the model in the pictures.