The Must-Have Men's Wardrobe Statement: Faux Leather Jackets

15th Feb 2023

A faux leather jacket is the one statement item that every man's wardrobe must include. Faux leather jackets are timeless and traditional pieces that will essentially never go out of style.

Visit Members Only for an outstanding selection of faux leather jackets if you want to modernise your look and stand out from the crowd.

Nothing is more classic than jeans and a t-shirt, so wearing one with them is the finest way to outfit a faux leather jacket. For that effortlessly cool feeling, check out the Members Only Men's Faux Leather Iconic Jacket. It has all the features of the Classic Iconic Racer jacket but is made of imitation leather and is available in five colours: black, dark brown, navy, burgundy, white, and olive.

Consider wearing a colourful blazer with a button-down and trousers if the uncomplicated look appeals to you. A certain trendsetter is the Men's Faux Leather Oval Quilted Bomber Jacket. The modernised version of the iconic bomber jacket, this garment has oval quilted detailing and is available in black, burgundy, and dark brown.

We have a faux leather jacket for you whether you want to dress up or keep it casual.