The Best Guide to Cleaning Leather Bags and Purses

26th Jun 2023

If properly cared for, high-quality leather bags are a long-term investment that can last for decades. Luxury bags may be cleaned in certain ways, just like other materials, to ensure that they last and keep looking as wonderful as they did the day you first bought them.

Why Is Real Leather So Important To Keep Clean?

Genuine leather has some exquisite natural qualities that make it ideal for handbags and wallets. But if the surface isn't regularly cleaned, dirt, filth, and oils could build up and cause long-term harm.

Daily filth and dirt have the potential to harm your bag. If left to accumulate, it can lead to scratches and fissures in addition to making the material lose its natural lustre and aesthetic attractiveness.

It's also a good idea to be knowledgeable about how to properly clean leather bags and purses for hygienic reasons. It's critical that bags are well cleaned because they frequently are used and handled and are therefore subject to considerable wear.

Getting Rid of Stains on a Genuine Leather Bag or Purse

To prevent spills and stains on leather from setting, clean them up right away. To gently dab away the spots, use a moist cloth and a mild leather cleanser. When cleaning real leather, you should never scrub it vigorously.

Step-by-Step Instructi ons for Cleaning Leather Bags and Purses

The good news is that cleaning leather handbags and purses is simple and doesn't call for pricey equipment or a tonne of cleaning supplies.

Step 1: Get ready to clean

Get a soft cloth, some leather conditioner or cream, and clean water ready.

Always test a little bit of leather conditioner on a hidden area of the bag before using it completely to ensure that the leather won't be harmed.


Remove any loose dirt, dust, or debris from the bag's surface by gently wiping it with a soft microfiber cloth. Anything abrasive should be avoided because it could harm the leather.


Wipe the bag down with a  soft, wet towel. On the material, never use harsh chemicals or bristly brushes.

During this stage of cleaning, watch out that the bag doesn't get very moist. Even the greatest quality leathers are not totally waterproof; leather is water resistant. 

Step 4:Drying

Always let genuine leather bags air dry. Heat sources such as heaters or radiators can warp leather and cause it to lose its form.

Select a location with good ventilation where the bag can dry away from direct sunshine and artificial heat sources.


Once your bag is dry and you've test-run the conditioner on a tiny section of the fabric, it's time to hydrate and nourish the fabric to bring out its best.

A gentle, clean cloth should be dipped in a tiny amount of the conditioning cream. To restore the shine of the material, thoroughly rub the conditioner into your bag.