The benefits of wearing original goose down jackets

20th Dec 2022

Before continuing, it might be helpful to clarify what a goose down jacket is. The simplest explanation is that a down jacket is any garment stuffed with fur. A jacket is referred to be a goose down jacket if it is specifically packed with goose feather. However, everything from polyester to leather might be used to create a jacket. Additionally, soft duck fur can also be used to fill jackets.

Goose Down Jackets' History

It is possible to trace the history of down coats to Chinese dynasties. In the Tang period, goose down was traditionally used for a variety of things. Since then, it has been utilised in a variety of ways, including jackets and a goose-feather fan. Goose down jackets, especially those from 1908, became fashionable. The production process and the exterior layer of these jackets, however, lacked modern technology. In fact, some of these looked quite unappealing. With time, goose down jackets entered the fashion world and even played a significant role in the leather jacket market.

Why spend money on a genuine Goose Down Jacket?

When there are so many alternative choices, why get a goose down jacket? We frequently get this inquiry! It is mostly utilised in locations with extreme cold. Extremely cold nations or locations necessitate additional layers of defence. Obviously, wearing 100 layers of clothing would be impossible; the simplest option is a goose down jacket. It is essentially a jacket with feather insulation to keep heat in and cold out.

The quality of the feather is crucial since it is clear that feathers are essential for insulating the jacket and maintaining body heat. Typically, the fill power of a jacket is used to assess its quality. Fill power is a metric that depends on the kind of feathers that are utilised and how they were filled. The fill power needs to be at least 750 for a high-quality jacket. An authentic goose down jacket provides sufficient insulation for extremely low temperatures. On the other hand, a garment won't be able to offer adequate insulation if its fill power is low.

In addition, the cloth utilised has a significant impact. A jacket's ability to protect feathers may be compromised if higher fill power down is used, and moisture may become trapped in the down. This could then have an impact on the jacket's longevity and cause the fabric to degrade quickly. The outside layer of the jacket could be made of leather for increased durability.

It is usually a good idea to purchase a goose down jacket rather than layering clothing because the feathers are lightweight. There are several stores that sell goose down coats, but for enhanced protection, we advise purchasing high-quality goose down for both men's and women's leather jackets. Many men's leather coats are lined with goose down because leather and the material work well together.

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